Buying placement checker cards has been made very easy than ever before. Going through few steps on our Self-Service platform, you can purchase placement checker cards using your mobile money wallet on any network. Are you curious to know how? Check out the instructions below 👇

(Buying 2018 CSSPS Placement Checker online- For 2018 Placement only)

Select the options below and click on 'pay' to preceed with mobile money payment.

(Buying WAEC results checker online)

This platform does not belong to WAEC, All challenges encountered should be directed to our support lines below.
The cost of a WAEC results checker is GHS10.00. Using our online platform attracts a service charge of GHS1.00, bringing cost to GHS11.00
To preceed select the options below and click on 'pay'

You can also buy WAEC checkers in bulk from us at a cost of GHS 10.00 by calling our support line: 0549616253

Retrieving your Placement/WAEC Checkers

If you want to retrieve your checker vouchers with the print code that was sent to you after mobile money payment, then Click here to proceed to print.